In a few short years, Accurate Quality Control (AQC) has become a premier quality control services provider with satisfied clients located throughout the United States. What led to our success? What makes us stand above the rest?

One factor is our unmatched ·industry experience. AQC’s two principal team members, Genny Kelly and Judy Nash-Ellis, have 49 years between them working in HUD’s Quality Assurance and Processing & Und_erwriting Divisions. That’s hard to beat and is a distinct benefit to our clients. In addition to such a high level of expertise, our success relies on ~.QC’s unique perspective regarding quality control methods and procedures. Accurate’s company motto, “We Do the Right Thing Right,” brings to light the philosophy that, although one may be following a rule or regulation, sometimes that isn’t always enough. “Accurate genuinely cares about doing the right thing,” explains AQC President Genny Kelly. “We go the extra mile to minimize risk to our clients’ companies, our clients’ investors, and to our own company, as well.” Accurate’s excellent reputation within the industry has also had a positive effect on the company’s growth. Genny Kelly was chosen to serve as a Board Member and Education Committee Chair of an innovative group of real estate, law enforcement, banking anc! mortgage professionals who work to curb fraud, the Georgia Real Estate Fraud Prevention and Awareness Coalition (GREFPAC). Accurate is also proud to be a member of the national Mortgage Bankers
Association (MBA), as well as a number of state mortgage Professional organizations.
Our success can easily be measured with our national client base. AQC delivers exceptional services and customer care

AQC was created to provide comprehensive professional services and solutions for the housing, mortgage and banking industries for clients throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. AQC is dedicated to providing our customers with methodologies and solutions to solve and/or improve their productivity for today and tomorrow’s business environment.

The AQC project team represents some of the most competent and experienced professionals with several years’ working experience in HUD’s Quality Assurance Division, Processing & Underwriting Division, Real Estate Owned Division, and Single Family Asset Management Division and in the private mortgage and banking industry – areas critical to the success of our clients.  AQC has developed into a highly competitive, and responsive firm with managerial and resources to fully serve our clients.

We are a qualified team who will provide leadership over this effort using our combined working experience with HUD and our experience in the private mortgage and banking industries. AQC team members collectively possess the resources and tenacity to address a full range of subjects, including background in relevant technical areas.  In addition, this team has been successfully involved in training the mortgage industry through live classroom instruction, webinars, and e-learning for over 20 years.

Our success relies on AQC’s unique perspective regarding quality control methods and procedures based on our philosophy and motto – “We Do The Right Thing Right,” AQC genuinely cares about doing the right thing and will go the “extra mile” to help minimize risk for their clients, especially when dealing with government insurers and investors.