Accurate Quality Control (AQC)

AQCs’ mission is to provide comprehensive professional quality control services and solutions for  the mortgage and banking industries throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. AQC is dedicated to helping our clients stay compliant and minimize risk while providing our clients with industry best customer service.

The AQC project team represents some of the most competent and experienced professionals in the industry. From working in  HUD’s Quality Assurance Division and Processing & Underwriting Division, to extensive experience in the private mortgage and banking industry our professionals are here to ensure our clients compliance in the areas most critical to their success.  Over the years, AQC has developed into a highly competitive, and responsive firm with a diverse array of resources to fully serve our clients.



We all know how difficult it can be to keep up with the ever-changing rules, regulations and legislation related to the mortgage industry and, in today’s environment, it is easy to see why so many banks and lenders are choosing to outsource their quality control.
Are high foreclosure rates are forcing you to take a closer look at your compliance and quality control procedures? Perhaps you’re missing out on opportunities in the substantial FHA market and need help gaining your FHA approval for your main and branch offices? Maybe you just need a plan for complying or simply staying compliant with FHA guidelines and procedures. Well, you’re not alone. Everyday at AQC, we help our clients with all of these things and more. With our knowledge base and high level of experience, along with our reasonable pricing structure that includes no or minimal charges for additional services, the advantages of outsourcing your QC tasks to Accurate are endless.

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